All Tennessee’s BBQ locations have a unique selection of beverages including bottled and draft beer. 

Tennessee’s BBQ has partnered with Mercury Brewing Company to create a draft beer special for Tennessee’s BBQ… Our “Memphis Ale” which compliments our BBQ has been created with a blend of hops that makes it an amber beer with a sweet finish. You will agree it is a great brew!! 

Tennessee’s carries in the locations and has available for your BBQ event “Mercury Brewing’s bottled soda pops”. Timeless flavors such as Root Beer, Orange Cream, Black Cherry, Birch Beer and Cream soda. Some of the new flavors kids and adults will love. Blue Raspberry & Watermelon!! We also offer the Root Beer on draught tap in all of our stores…Root Beer on tap just seems to go together with BBQ like peas and carrots.

Mercury Brewing offers its sodas and beers via its “Tap Trucks” which can be a great addition to your function catered by Tennessee’s BBQ… see more at Ipswich Ale Brewery. 

In all of our locations we serve a fountain soda made and micro brewed in Boston. Real City Soda, makers of the fountain favorites as well as lemonade and unsweetened ice tea. Real City Soda is a small local company which gives the extra service in all they do and has grown with us as well as many others in New England. Visit them at Lenox Martell.

Come on in and taste our assortment of beverages that puts our BBQ over the top!!!